Who we are

Why TestingSecurity.com?

TestingSecurity.com is run by two security oriented Quality Assurance engineers, who are deeply concerned about security especially in software applications. In today's world there is more and more software being developed on top of software, upon more software, etc, etc. There is not enough individuals who are interested and knowledgeable in this area. We are encouraging others to become knowledgeable within this field. Don't keep the information locked up, share it with others, spread the knowledge and help create more secure software. Learn from TestingSecurity.com and the many other security websites out there. Encourage others to come back and visit this website. Teach others how vitally important software security really is.

Who is running TestingSecurity.com?

Jason Sabin, Co-Founder
Jason has worked within the Quality Assurance and Testing industry for numerous years. He brings a wide knowledge of security of applications, vulnerability testing, network traffic analysis, and he has widely been known to quote rfc 2616.

Dan Timpson, Co-Founder
For many years Dan has been actively involved in the computer industry. He has outstanding talents in numerous area's including: security, network attacks, thinking like a hacker, testing strategies, project management, and has a mean tennis serve.