Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Are you Vulnerable?

If you don't have the luxury of building secure software from the start and your business uses off the shelf software to get your work done you have vulnerabilities, period. Potential black hat hackers may not have exploited these inlets but it's only a matter of time until they do. It's necessary to take a proactive approach to determine what your risks are to both your network and your applications and make it more difficult for would-be attackers.

This is where Nessus comes in. Just as a doctor would do an examination on his patient to establish a baseline of health, Nessus provides you with some good information about your network and software applications. It's important to know what applications are in use and what ports they are using. This is done by performing a Nessus scan. The results of the scan provide you with security notes, warnings, and holes.

Using this information is the first step in identifying potential problems you are facing with your network and any applications you are running. For more information about Nessus visit