LiveHTTPHeaders Review

LiveHTTPHeaders is an extension to the Mozilla based browser. LiveHTTPHeaders is also an open source project and can be downloaded for free.

Click for LiveHTTPHeaders website.

LiveHTTPHeaders is very useful if you are only desiring to perform a sniffer trace on the http headers. It is very easy and quick to install. There is very little configuration needed. And if you are only interested in seeing what is going on in the http portion of the network packet exchange it is a great option.

If you are testing a web based application and are just interested in the packet exchange of http headers and query string packets, this is perfect for you. You can quickly identify what is occurring, halt the packet capture, and quickly review what has occurred. The capture tracing occurs very easy and there is very low system overhead compared with a full fledged sniffer application.

LiveHTTPHeaders allows the replay of packets. This is very useful in testing what type of input a web application will accept. If you want to try changing any value from the HTTP headers, Cookies, url path, to parameters in the GET, all you have to do is highlight the packet you wish to replay, click replay, modify any value you want, and replay it. Very quick and useful for quick capture and replay capabilities.

The dis-advantages of LiveHTTPHeaders is there is only limited sniffing capabilities. You can only see the http headers, query strings, that are occurring. LiveHTTPHeaders will only install in Mozilla based browsers, but it will work in both windows and linux.

Overall LiveHTTPHeaders is great at performing quick sniffer traces of web-based applications within Mozilla or Mozilla FireFox web browsers. The replay feature is very nice to quickly alter packets within a specific request. It is very quick to learn how it works and to start sniffing and analyzing packet traces.